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Aug 20, 2022   9-5pm

$150  Ink Technique for Zentangles & Florals on Fused Glass

Instructor:  Debbi Elmer

This class is for all skill levels.  Students will learn how to mix vitreous ink and apply it to glass with a quill pen.  We will create zentangles and florals in this class.  Additionally, we will talk about the various inks, pens and how to fire each.

Class includes 1 zentangle dish, 1 floral, 1 pendant and firing in kiln.  

Sept 14, 2022    11-1pm or 6-8pm

$60  Fused Glass Jellyfish

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels    4x7"

Decorate an underwater scene with an iridized jellyfish.  Includes glass and firing in the kiln.

Class KB Jellyfish.jpg

Oct 5, 2022  11am or 6pm

$85  Fused Glass Light Fixtures

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

Make, drape, and drill a center hole in a glass light fixture that will fit a standard pendant light or lamp

(not included).

This could take 1 to 3 hours depending on your design.

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Oct 7, 2022     10am-4pm

$135  Modern Lights Stained Glass Panel

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

5x7 Abstract Glass Panel in your choice of colors and design.  Learn to copper foil and solder.

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Oct 8, 2022   10am-4pm

$95 Glass on Glass Mosaic

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

All skill levels

Learn the Art of Mosaics in an 8"x10" frame.  This will be your choice of patterns or design your own.

Deb mosaic 1.jpg

Oct 19. 2022    11-1pm or 6-8pm

$60  Fused Glass Sugar Skull

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels    6"

Decorate a glass sugar skull with your choice of colors and components.  Includes glass and firing in the kiln.

sugar skull.jpg

Two Day Class

Oct 22, 2022  10am-3pm    

Oct 23, 2022  10am-12pm

$125  "Freeze and Fuse" Glass Fusing Technique

Instructor:  Betty White

All skill levels    Approximately 6" x 8"

You will learn the technique of glass powder, moisture and freezing. Your choice of colors in a Christmas, flower or aquatic scene.

First day: Make stringers/ribbons with a torch, freeze your components, and kiln fire components

Second day: Design piece and load in kiln.

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Nov 2, 2022  10am-4pm

$125  Beginning Fused Glass Jewelry

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

You will make several pendants and pairs of earrings choosing from colored and dichroic glass with a variety of methods. In a fun and relaxing atmosphere, you will learn the basics of designing and firing fused glass jewelry.

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Nov 4, 2022    10am-4pm

$125  Stained Glass Beginner Suncatcher

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Come join in on the fun and learn how to make your own stained glass suncatcher or plant stake. You will learn to cut glass, copper foil and solder. Many patterns and colors to choose from.

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Nov 5, 2022    10am-4pm

$145  Decorative Soldering Skills

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Learn many types of decorative soldering that will take your stained glass pieces to a new level! This is a skill learning class.


Nov 16, 2022    11-1pm or 6-8pm

$60  Fused Glass Winter Birch Trees

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels    5x6"

Decorate winter birch trees.  Includes glass and firing in kiln.

Class KB Winter Birch Trees.jpg

Dec 2, 2022    10am-4pm

$145 Stained Glass Panel with Copper Overlay

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Design a copper foil overlay tree. Let your creativity flow with this 8x10 panel with a border.


Dec 3, 2022  10am-4pm

$135  Geode with  Stained Glass

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Create your own abstract design centered around a beautiful geode.  Learn to cut glass, copper foil and solder. Get your Zen on in this class.


Dec 7, 2022    11-1pm or 6-8pm

$60  Fused Glass Snowflake

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels    6.5"

Construct a snowflake.  Includes glass and firing in kiln. 



$850 Blown Away 9-4pm

January 3, 4, 5    2023

February 16, 17, 18   2023     

During this three-day class, renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith will share the exciting new techniques he developed in early 2020. Not only will students learn how to make a watertight vessel without the cold working required of a drop-out, they will do so with the addition of texture applied to the piece using their own uniquely created texture mold.  His new way of forming glass allows for making shapes many thought never before possible in kiln-formed glass. Craig calls this “Yoga for Glass” as it teaches the glass to warm up, bend and stretch. This class is for experienced fused glass artists.



$850 Daffodil Flower 9-4pm

January 6, 7, 8    2023

During this three-day class, Craig Mitchell Smith will share his tips and tricks to creating his life-like daffodil blossoms utilizing a unique petal texturing, and trumpet-forming process. While this photo shows the daffodils mounted with stainless steel, Craig will teach you how to create your own copper stem with leaves to complete a gallery quality piece you can display proudly

Daffodil 3.jpg


$850 Butterfly 9-4pm       

February 19, 20, 21    2023

In this three-day class, students will learn how to create Craig Mitchell Smith’s beautiful butterflies utilizing techniques of powder printing using original silk screens. He will also teach how to mount and present the butterfly for garden or the home to display proudly. 

Craig butterfly 2.jpg
Craig butterfly 3.jpg


$850 Cast Yellow Rose of Texas

February 23, 24, 25    2023    9-4pm

During this three-day class, students will learn how to create a plaster mold of a wax-sculpted rose they create. Then, using the lost wax method, they will de-invest the mold, and, using powders in colors of their choosing, create a uniquely formed and yellow colored rose that will be ready for prominent display. Mounting and display options will be discussed. PICTURE COMING SOON.


$1250 Cactus Flower 9-4pm (4 days)

February 26, 27, 28, March 1    2023

During this four-day class, renowned glass artist, Craig Mitchell Smith, will demonstrate how to create his complex, multi-petaled cactus flower utilizing a revolutionary technique of “spot-fusing”. Students will also utilize casting, as well as creating single-use texture molds for this stunner.

Cactus Flower.png