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Expressive Painting in Glass, with Tim Carey

This new workshop is being offered in partnership with Vitreonics. To find out more details and sign up: CLICK HERE

a new project

a new challenge

a new CLASS!

  • Tim Carey teaches all new techniques while creating an abstract landscape for an outdoor garden setting.

  • Beginners and Experienced Glass fusers alike will learn how to create painterly effects using pre-made material, sheet glass, and sliders!

  • From magic to madness...Tim and Vitreonics show you the ENTIRE process.

2+ hour video with details and graphics, where Tim teaches the creation of an abstract image in glass, using painterly techniques developed during the making of “The Resurrection Window.”

2 Zoom sessions, the first to watch a shortened version of the video and ask Tim questions. And the second, 4 weeks later for a critique
and discussion of your work.


Tim will provide office hours, bi-monthly to discuss work in progress

Detailed class syllabus and access to private Facebook Group.

Join a small group of students here at Contempo Art Glass Gallery for access to workspaces and kilns.

All levels of experience welcome! for beginners who want to learn to paint with glass, or experienced artists who want to take their
knowledge to the next level.

Feb 2, 2024    10am-4pm

$145  Stained Glass Shaker Box

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

All skill levels

Create your own 3" box with bevels, iridized/dichroic shakers and decorative soldering. Learn to grind, copper foil, solder and patina. Your choice of colored sand.


Feb 3, 2024   10am-4pm

$125 Glass on Glass Mosaic

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

All skill levels

Learn the Art of Mosaics in an 8"x10" frame.  This will be your choice of patterns or design your own.

Deb mosaic 1.jpg
Spinner rings Class.jpg

Feb 10, 2024  10am-3pm

$125 Introduction to Jewelry Soldering -Spinner Ring

Instructor:  Sibling Rivalry

Learn to Tackle the Torch with Rick Allen and Laura Conway. If you’ve ever wanted to solder silver and copper to make rings but are intimidated by the torch, this is the class for you.  This class is for beginners and people that just want a refresher soldering class. You will learn to cut, file, texture, patina and solder while designing and creating a spinner ring using sterling silver and copper. Materials and tools are included and as time permits you will make

1-2 rings. 

heart pink.jfif

Feb 14, 2024    11am or 6pm

$85  Valentines Day Hearts (optional BYOB)

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels

2 fused glass hearts, couples $85

Friends can make single hearts $50

hearts blue.jfif

Unique Jewelry and Robots! $275

Instructor:  Debbi Elmer Hill

2 days plus one short evening

4:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Friday, March 8, 2024 – come and go session, should only take 45 minutes!

9:00 – 4:30 p.m.  Saturday, March 9, 2024

9:00 – 2:00 p.m.  Sunday, March 10, 2024

Learn numerous ways to create unique jewelry using glass, dichroic accents, and enamels. Also, use different tools to create designs in your jewelry. We will also create unique detailed glass to learn the construction of robots! Each person will leave with multiple pieces of jewelry and at least one finished robot.

March 13, 2024  11am or 6pm

$125 Fused Glass Vase

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels

Make a fused glass vase out of your favorite colors and crushed glass.


March 23, 2024  10am-3pm

$125 Intro to Enameling

(Includes stencil and sgraffito techniques)

Instructor:  Sibling Rivalry

Enameling on copper is a hot technique! You will learn the basic techniques of applying powdered glass onto copper and see the magic of enamel come alive.  This class will show you how to prepare the copper, apply enamels and torch fire your pieces to create your own wearable art. This class is an introduction to basic enameling and all supplies will be provided. All you need to is just show up with your imagination, a love for color and be ready to have fun. Supplies provided include copper, enamel, Jump rings, necklace and the use of a torch and all tools needed to complete your colorful creations.  Please feel free to bring your own tools that are clearly marked with your name.

Enamel Jewelry Class.jpg

April 5, 2024     10am-4pm

$135  Modern Lights Stained Glass Panel

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

5x7 Abstract Glass Panel in your choice of colors and design.  Learn to copper foil and solder.

modern lights.jpg

April 6, 2024    10am-4pm

$145  Stained Glass Spinner

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Create your own 11" Star spinner that turns and twirls. Your choice of colors and star shapes. Learn to cut, grind, copper foil, solder and patina. 


April 17, 2024    11pm or 6pm

$65  Birch Trees in Fused Glass

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels    6x6

Learn the art of making a birch tree with crushed glass and glass strips.  Includes glass and firing in the kiln.

birch fused.JPG
birch fused student.JPG

May 3, 2024    10am-4pm

$125  Stained Glass Beginner Suncatcher

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Come join in on the fun and learn how to make your own stained glass suncatcher or plant stake. You will learn to cut glass, copper foil and solder. Many patterns and colors to choose from.

Suncatcher class.jpg

Two Day Class

April 19, 2024  10am-3pm and    

April 20, 2024  10am-1pm

$135  "Freeze and Fuse" Glass Fusing Technique

Instructor:  Betty White

All skill levels    1 small and 1 large dish

You will learn the technique of glass powder, moisture and freezing. Your choice of cacti, colors and dishes.

First day: Freeze and fuse your components

Second day: Design piece using resin to secure your arrangement. Also learn how to make your own silicone molds! 

All skill levels   1 small and 1 large dish

Feel free to bring your own dish


May 4, 2024   10am-4pm

$145 Stained Glass Botanicals

Instructor:  Debbie Malone

Prior soldering experience required

Choose your pattern and flowers.  You will learn to cut glass, copper foil, solder, and patina. Many patterns to choose from.

May 8, 2024    11am or 6pm

$65  Fused Glass Jellyfish

Instructor:  Kathy Barnett

All skill levels    4x7"

Decorate an underwater scene with an iridized jellyfish.  Includes glass and firing in the kiln.

Class KB Jellyfish.jpg
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